Bank Points

Once you’ve collected a minimum of 25 UPCs, send them in to be credited to your account!

Preparing and submitting your school’s collection of UPC codes is easy! Here’s how:

A minimum of 25 UPC codes may be sent with this form.

Rules for Banking Points:

  1. Make sure the UPC codes are cut off each package. Discard any remainder.
  2. Stack codes flat, face up, and bundle them in groups of 25.
  3. Secure each bundle with a rubber band or paper clip. Do not use tape or staples.
  4. Complete the UPC Banking form (link to form)
  5. Place the form and the bundled UPCs in an envelope or box.
  6. Make sure your organization’s name and return address are clearly visible.
  7. Be sure to keep a copy of your UPC Banking Form and mailing receipt for your records.
  8. Please allow 3-4 weeks for points to be added to your account.
  9. Mail to the address:

Prang Power Program
Dixon Ticonderoga
615 Crescent Executive Court, Suite 500
Lake Mary, FL 32746